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Front yard garden - Pacific Transformation

Front yard garden - Pacific Transformation

What started as a request for stone steps and help to create a functional space from a steep slope ended up as an eventual refresh of the entire landscape. We first reviewed the right side of the property with the client. They needed a safe way to access their two levels of decks from the driveway and wanted to beautify their side yard. This side of the driveway posed a water runoff and drainage issue in the same area new access was needed. To solve their need for safe access, a snapped stone step path was installed from the driveway down to the two deck levels. The snapped steps offered even riser heights for safety. To solve the water runoff and drainage issue the driveway drain was run out in an oversized PVC drain and cobblers were installed at the edge of the driveway to prevent mulch washing. A variety of evergreens, deciduous, and colorful plants were installed to add scale to the corner of the house.

Next the client was looking to update their front and left side yard landscapes. They were looking a beautiful and modernized look. Natural stone walls were installed to give the planting beds definition. A swale ran from the driveway tightly around the house. To ensure water runoff would not be hindered, a dry creek bed was inset into the landscape. All downspouts were extended away from the house to make sure water is not an issue. Colorful plantings, trees and shrubs were planted to give a warm and natural look.

Finally, the client decided to replace their worn concrete driveway which had some cracks. We proposed and installed a beautiful and functional paver driveway. Decorative paver bands were added for interest and flourish.

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