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How Often Should I Water?

Watering can be a complicated question. There with many factors to consider, including soil type and sun exposure. Read our article about how to water your plants, trees, and shrubs to find all the answers you’ll need to increase your watering skill.

I’m Not Sure I can Install Everything Myself. Do You Offer Installation Services?

Don’t worry. We have installation services to help you with planting and installation projects you don’t want to tackle.

  • Our nursery has a planting service to aid in installing shrubs and trees that are too big for your comfort.
  • When you need more help, we have a full-service landscape design and installation departmen t skilled in services from plantings and retaining walls.

Can You Help Me Pick Out Plants For My Yard?

Absolutely! We are happy to help you find the perfect plant for your space.

  • Take note if your area gets morning or afternoon sun and bring in some pictures. Our staff will be happy to give you some suggestions.
  • If you need more than just a few suggestions and would like a clear road map, we can also put together a design for you to install yourself (see details in the next section of this Q&A)
  • If you want someone to install your project for you, we have a full-service landscape design and installation department that can give ideas and advice for planting, outdoor rooms, and more.

Can I get a design to install myself?

Certainly! You can commission a simple, scaled, hand-drawn plan. Plans are for one area. Please contact us for pricing details. You’ll need to provide:

  • A plot plan or area measurements
  • Sun exposure information (does the area get morning or afternoon sun? how long? Is it shady?)
  • Cardinal direction (An easy way to do this is to view your property on Google Maps. The cardinal directions are implied. North is up, South is down, East is to the right, and West is to the left.)
  • Deer issues
  • Pictures (emailed or printed)

Do you have a full-service landscape company?

Yes. We have been designing and installing beautiful landscapes for over 25 years. Our range of detailed landscape services includes everything from landscape design to installation of gardens, walls, patios, outdoor rooms, and more. Visit our landscape page for more details. Please visit our landscape design portfolio to see some of our finished projects.

How do your landscape design and installation process work?

It all starts with an initial meeting where we talk about your ideas, likes and dislikes, and options of what can be done with your space. From there, we will spend time creating a well-thought-out, detailed plan and set a time to meet again to discuss the design and estimate with you. Once design changes have been made, and the contract is signed, the project is on the scheduling queue. We call Digrite before we begin the installation. Then the exciting day arrives when we break ground and begin turning dreams into reality. Our careful and considerate crews will work to install the vision that was created. Finally, we will follow up to go over the installation, care, and final details.

Do you offer free estimates?

We do not charge for this service if you need help pricing individual plants for pick up.

If you are interested in a landscape project and have a completed design you have previously paid for, in most cases, we can bid on your project at no charge. A consultation fee to come to your home and see the site may be required.


We charge for our design services if you want us to create a new landscape plan. In most cases, a design is required to obtain an estimate. A small installation, such as a few trees, does not require a design. Please call us at your convenience, and we will be happy to discuss the details of your project.

Should I put fabric under my mulch?

We do not recommend installing weed fabric under mulch. As the mulch breaks down, it creates a layer of soil that weeds love. Over the years, the soil layer will become deeper and eventually start to choke out the plants and need to be pulled off. It is best to install quality mulch directly over the soil at a 2-3” thickness. Pre-emergent herbicides can also be used to reduce weed germination. We recommend using weed fabric under all decorative gravels to prevent gravels from mixing in with the soils. See our article on how to apply mulch for more information.

If you don’t see your question in the FAQ, please contact us via the contact form or call at 636-458-9202


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